Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Why Detroit?

This amazing image comes courtesy of NASA's Earth Observatory. There's that narrow place--Mitzrayim--and this is the first day of Passover. Appropriate, then, perhaps, that my review essay about Detroit was posted last night on the website of Triquarterly--Northwestern University's literary magazine. Go have a look. Dream the dream of liberation.


Jim Poznak said...

Truly, a narrow place.

Susan Messer said...

Detroit, itself, is wide--too wide for its population. The river, however, she is narrow.

Anonymous said...

Many kudos about your Detroit essay.
Your aunt made a similar comment I made last night about the City where my heart lives.I said if someone is wearing a shirt that says anything about Detroit or a Detroit team cap, that person is from Detroit.
Your essay encouraged me to continue writing my book about the Detroit I remember.
That Mumford High School won the city football championship tells a story in itself.
Thank you again for your essay!

Rose D. Sigman

Susan Messer said...

Thanks for reading.