Wednesday, October 17, 2012

World's First Self-Defined Popthropologist

This is probably the most partisanly political post you'll ever find here at the Discomforts of Diversity. Those who have read this blog will probably have intuited that my interests lie elsewhere. However, about a month ago, my husband pointed me to an article in the Financial Times about, an American rapper, musician, songwriter, singer, entrepreneur, actor, DJ, producer, and member of the hip hop group the Black Eyed Peas. In addition to all those labels, he refers to himself as a popthropologist--a popular culture anthropologist.

The man is clever in many ways, and especially clever with words. Here's an example. He was raised by his mother in a troubled section of East L.A. But as soon as he could afford to, he moved his family to a Jewish area in the San Fernando Valley "to be near the rabbis. It was either drive-bys or rabbis. I picked the rabbis.”
     Okay. So now for the politics. The interviewer--Matthew Garrahan--asked what might happen if Romney beats Obama.
People say Romney ran businesses and that means he should be president. But America isn't a business. America needs to be like a parent--what's good for our kids, where are they going to school, how can you guide them? Imagine if your parent was Enron and raised you like that. You don't want that dad."
Thank you, I like that. One of the best pitches I've heard from anyone so far.