Thursday, October 13, 2011


It's not entirely true that I haven't posted in as long as it appears. I did write a post last week--about the Days of Awe--and when I came back here today to make a new post, I see that the Days of Awe post never made it onto the blog, or disappeared somehow into the ether with the Days of Awe themselves. But no complaining. No cursing technology. It's true my mind has been elsewhere and I have been remiss with the blog. Apologies to the universe and to any individuals within it who have missed my Wednesday posts. So here is a new one.

Today was an ambiguously rainy day. The kind where some people have umbrellas, and others seem to be doing fine without them. Some cars have the windshield wipers going, others have them on intermittent, and still others don't have them going at all. I was out for my usual midday walk, and I had my umbrella open for most of the time. It's true, I think, that the rain did pick up and trail off. During the last few blocks of the walk, the rain did not seem ambiguous, and I was glad to have my umbrella, which by the way, is a black one, but on the underside has a panel with blue sky and white clouds.

I like this umbrella a lot, but speaking of umbrellas reminds me of the wonderful little video I watched the other day about an umbrella and a woman. Please click on that link to have a lovely experience.
     Anyway, the thing that caught my attention on the walk was a man walking his dogs. They were some kind of skinny, leggy variety. I'm not a dog expert, so I can't say, and I don't want to spend a lot of time investigating, so for our purposes, I'll just say that they were greyhounds (even though I don't really think they were).

I'd seen the man walking ahead of me for quite some time (he didn't have an umbrella), but then I thought he got home, because he went up to a house, opened the door, and the dogs went inside. Just as he too was going inside, one of the dogs ran out of the house, and began to run away. The man came out to get it. He sounded very stern: "Ruben," he called, "Stop." Ruben did not stop. The man began to run after the dog. "Ruben," he shouted, "get back here." Ruben, I think, slowed down. Now the dog was "Ruby," and the man was no longer angry. He was sweet and playful, with that dog-caressing sound in his voice (you know what I mean). At this tone-change, Ruben/Ruby, who seemed to be considering the virtues of obedience, rejected the notion and ran away again.
     I was wondering, being a non-dog owner myself, whether the man had erred in switching from stern master to loving friend, because he seemed to make that switch several times, the stern voice getting the dog to stop, the switch, inspiring the dog to rebel. But the other thing I was thinking about was my husband's grandfather, whose name was Ruben and who was also called Ruby for short. Also that Ruben seems to be a very Jewish name, but that the skinny, leggy dog did not look Jewish at all (well it did have a big nose). I don't hear that name Ruben very often. And I thought my husband's grandfather was the only Ruben in the world who was also called Ruby.
     Live and learn, I suppose


Anonymous said...

Good to "see" you again.

Can tell you haven't spent much time in the SW. Ruben is a common Hispanic name too.

I hope you are enjoying the MidWest color change.

Susan Messer said...

Nice to see you, too. Sorry about the absence.

As soon as you mentioned Ruben and the SW, I realized I had overlooked that. But it's true that I've never spent much time in the SW. A little bit in Tucson, where my husband has family.

The fall has been totally gorgeous here this year--still plenty of trees with green leaves though, so more pleasures to come.

Jim Poznak said...

Actually, my grandfather's name was spelled Reuben, maybe that's the Jewish spelling? As for Hispanics, the Jews were in Spain for several centuries before the Inquisition, so probably many Hispanics have Jewish genes and visa-versa.

Susan Messer said...

okay, sorry about the misspelling. So you think that dog might have been a Sephardic Jew?