Thursday, April 28, 2011

Two Ways to Look at a Subject

This past weekend, my husband and I went to Chapel Hill, NC, for a wedding. If this were a different kind of blog, I would tell you what a wonderful time we had (which we did). What a warm, freewheeling, communal feeling this wedding had. How wonderful to see so many old friends and feel the history we've shared. But it's not that kind of blog, so you'll have to settle for that thumbnail and return to the question of diversity and its discomforts.
     Following through on last week's post about the Civil War, I will instead show you what my husband and I saw when we walked for a few hours around the University of North Carolina--a lovely campus in one of those utopian locales called the college town.
     First, the classic--a monument to the confederate soldier, young, armed, alert, and up on a pedestal.
And a more contemporary response--a tribute to the "unsung founders" (as the piece is called) who likely built this campus as well as so much else we see in the South.

 It's a powerful sculpture. Here's a close up of the lower portion.
A lot to think about. Right?


Jody said...

I love that you gathered images of these two monuments for your blog. They continue to generate lots of discussion every time we take folks to walk around campus.

Susan Messer said...

So great to know that jody. Thank for letting me know.