Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Deep in Conversation

Not much in the mood for a full blog post this week, so instead I'll post something I've had in my hand-basket for a month or so--an interview I did with my friend Tom Montgomery-Fate, a writer and teacher and thinker. For our conversation, we were in the gracious and well-equipped studio of his school--College of DuPage--in Glen Ellyn, IL. The staff and crew were all very professional. We talked about my writing, the thematic connections between my fiction and my nonfiction, and my writing practice. When we finished our conversation, a woman who was working in the control room told me that my novel sounded interesting, and since I just happened to be carrying a few extras with me (something every novelist needs to learn to do, as embarrassing as that may sound), I sold her a book right on the spot.

     Tom, himself, has a new book coming out very soon. I know his work well (we were in a writing group together for years), and it is deeply thoughtful--the kind of reflection I was ruminating over and voting for in my post about Rodin's Thinker.
     Our conversation might not have had quite the celebrity of Marilyn Monroe and Carl Sandburg, but it was pretty damn good nonetheless.


Jim Poznak said...

Marilyn Monroe and Carl Sandburg, now that's diverse, but they seem very comfortable with each other in that photo.

Susan Messer said...

The website where I found that photo said that it was taken just days before she died, that she was completely miserable, pouring out her heart to him. It also claimed that there were some films of the encounter, of MM and Carl dancing together, but the film had been taken down because of copyright issues or some such. I agree. It's an unexpected combo.