Monday, June 7, 2010


This is an image and a view that I particularly loved from my vacation. It's from the Parc Guell in Barcelona, designed by Antoni Gaudi. When it comes to Gaudi, many people go for the colorful, whirling, phantasmagorical mosaics and so forth, and I liked those too, but it was this organic, emerging-from-the-earth, slanted stone stuff that really got to me.
    So, no, I wasn't hanging in that Thai basket pictured in my vacation blog post, but sometimes it felt like it. One of the great pleasures of vacation, I realized this time around, is just hanging--not having to be on any schedule at all, not having to be at any particular place at any particular time, not even having to think about what time it is. And then there is also the great pleasure of following these narrow, crooked paths, not knowing where they will lead.
     I found Barcelona to be an extremely diverse place, and I will talk about that next week (so many images still percolating in my mind), when I've finished plowing through all the work of re-entry and am more fully recovered from the jet lag. Thanks to anyone who continued to check in while I was away.

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