Monday, June 14, 2010

A Diversity of Good (book) News

Dear reader,
I have to take another short break from my real topic (discomforts of diversity, of which so many are mounting up, I won't know where to begin when I get back to them), but I have a collection of developments to report.
     1. University of Michigan's Honors College has chosen my novel--Grand River and Joy--as the summer reading book for incoming freshman. When students arrive on campus in the fall, leading faculty will be discussing the book with them, and in November, I will visit campus during parents' weekend to discuss the book with students and parents. Their theme for the fall semester, and the context for the discussion of my book, is What Makes Life Worth Living?
     2. D. G. Meyers, who writes, A Commonplace Blog, about literature and literary ideas, has posted a very serious review of my novel. It's an honor for an author to have her work taken so seriously.
     3. I have a short essay included in the 10th anniversary issue of a lovely journal called After Hours. Ten years is a long time for a literary journal to hang in there. So congrats to publisher and poet Al DeGenova.
     4. I've recently had a short story published in Superstition Review. Called "On the Promenade Deck," this is my homage to Thomas Mann's Magic Mountain, a book I read and re-read seven or eight times during my twenties and thirties.
     I think there's something else I'm forgetting, but I'll fill you in as soon as I remember.

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