Saturday, April 10, 2010

And now a word from our sponsor

Just a short break from the Discomforts of Diversity to show you some of my recent book events and experiences.

First, my book in the window of my wonderful local independent book store, called The Book Table. Rachel and Jason, who own this store, have been so kind to me and my book. When I walked in one day to see the display of my books in the window, I was overcome. 
     "Thank you, thank you," I said. "That's so kind."
     "I'm not doing it to be kind," Jason said. "I plan to sell them."

Okay, next are a few photos from my reading at Marygrove College in Detroit. The theme of the event was Defining Detroit, and there I had the pleasure of sharing the podium with Peter Markus (the one with the long hair), who writes short stories and novels in a style one can refer to as experimental, perhaps a mix of Faulkner and Twain and something else distinctively Peter and distinctively "down river" as they say in Detroit. Peter read from a couple of his books. The one we bought that night, though, is called The Singing Fish. As Peter says, he likes fish and he likes the word fish. The person with no hair is Michael Zadoorian, who has published novels as well as short stories. He read from his latest book The Lost Tiki Palaces of Detroit. The person in the middle is me. The person at the podium in the suit who is introducing us is Frank Rashid, professor of English lit at Margrove. Frank gave each of us the most gracious, respectful, insightful, and literary intro imaginable.
By the way, thanks to friend, supporter, and Detroiter extraordinaire Kathleen Marcaccio for taking these photos.

 Last, a photo from my reading at the Frederick Douglass Branch of the Detroit Public Library.
The woman introducing me is Carolyn McCormick, the head of the branch library. She was very cool. I wish I had more photos from that day.


Etta Worthington said...

Nice to see these photos.

Susan Messer said...

Yeah. And wish I had more.