Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Off-topic Wednesday

This is a panel from the Diego Rivera frescoes in the great inner courtyard of the Detroit Institute of Art. The frescoes (and Diego himself) make an appearance in my novel, Grand River and Joy. I post the image today because it is about industry (or at least that is one of its subjects), and I have been nothing lately if not industrious--promoting my novel at numerous book events, working full time at my regular job (a self-employed editor), working on my next novel, and carrying on a life with my family and friends. I update this blog every Wednesday, and the blog is an extension of the novel--a way to continue my thinking about the often-troubled intersections between races, classes, ethnicities, and so on. The focus has been, and for the foreseeable future will continue to be, about the terms we use to describe each other and all the baggage that hooks onto those terms. I've got lots of thoughts along these lines from things people have been saying to be at my book events and from sessions I've recently attended at the Chicago Humanities Festival.
     This week, however, I'm just providing you a summation and status report rather than a new term to ponder. Tonight I have a reading at the wonderful independent bookstore Women and Children First in Chicago (see sidebar for details). That will be my last event until the spring (unless something else comes up in the meantime--say, a book group or other speaking possibility).
     Yesterday was a good day for my book: I was invited to be the guest speaker at the Southfield Public Library's annual meeting in May (a big event; Southfield is a Detroit suburb), I was invited to read as part of a panel at Marygrove College in Detroit (that will be in March), and I got this very nice review in a New York publication called Jewish Week. This past Sunday morning, I read from and discussed my book at an adult education session for a Jewish secular group. Industrious, as I said. More next week. Thanks for stopping by.

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