Monday, June 29, 2009

Release Day: The Great Silence

This week, I'm going to move away from my usual (meaning ethnic labels) because this is a special week, and July 1 is a special day. It is the release day for my novel. Released into the world. So perhaps I should capitalize that: Release Day. Now that's a label. I've heard so many authors talk about Release Day as "the great silence." Or the Great Silence. They say this because after all the years of work and waiting and agony and ecstasy, they (and now me too) somewhat expect a huge parade to march down their street or, at the very least, something loud and visible and life changing.

But for most of us this is not to be. I do have a next-door neighbor who is a contractor, and he owns every large and noise-making piece of equipment known to humanity, including one of those little tiny earth-moving tractor-things and a number of trucks. And he once joked that on my Release Day, he would gather all that together and stage a parade down our block. But I don't think that's really going to happen. Anyway, I think what official Release Day means is that this is the day that the books are officially available and in the warehouses ready to ship. So it's kind of quiet, but still, it's a major milestone in the path of a writer.

The Detroit Free Press published a nice piece about my book this past Sunday.

And I'll have my first public event on Thurs, July 16, at the main branch of the public library in Oak Park, IL. 7:00. Please come if you're in the area. We'll have books for sale (because they're being released from the warehouse tomorrow).

Thanks to anyone and everyone who reads this blog.


Chris said...

I'm a day early, but happy release day! Thanks for pointing to the Free Press piece. I hadn't seen it. Have you noticed the comments people have left? Do you think they're aware of the irony?

Susan Messer said...

Hey Chris,

Thanks so much for this. You're a central part of Release Day. So thanks and congrats to you too. And, no, I don't think those commenters seemed aware of the irony. Of all the possible responses I might have expected to the Free Press article . . . well . . . kind of a surprise.

Sharon Finch said...

Just read the book. In 12 hours. Wonderful. Thank you.

Sharon Finch